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Our customer

Are you a chef, a restaurant owner, a seafood distributor, a drop shipper, or owning a supermarket? Yes, you have found the right place for sourcing live seafood. We have been doing this since 1995.

Our experiences

We have been doing the supplying role for more than 20 years. Many restaurants, chefs, supermarkets, or seafood sellers have been supplied by us, especially in the New York City and New England area. Our wholesale customers love us for the amazing quality, amazing price of the seafood focusing on Lobster. We also ship to Asia countries like China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam often.

Our supply

We are here working along the Atlantic Ocean Shore to sort the best quality of seafood for you. Indeed, we work directly with the fishermen, right when the boat arrives at the short. We have a large network of fishermen and boats from the shore of Rhode Island to Maine and Canada. You never have to worry about our quality and supply, we have the resources all year round with the broad option of sizes.

We ship daily, weekly thousands of pounds in the United States and to Asian countries.

Let’s work together. We decided to join the online (Internet) a little late, but we are now ready to supply to you wherever you are in the United States, or internationally.

Wholesale Ordering

We don’t want to be just another Wholesaler, we want to do something different, which is better for you!

We are in the processing of building an online ordering place for you, for ease of ordering wholesale and calculating your supply. Something that never exists before.

For now, are you interested in ordering Wholesale? Call us Contact Us, and send us a message.

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