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Live Premium Maine Hard Shell Lobster - FREE UPS To Door Delivery

Live Premium Maine Hard Shell Lobster - FREE UPS To Door Delivery

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🌟🦞 Premium Maine Lobster: Our lobsters are the epitome of luxury and gourmet delight. Hand-selected from the icy waters of Maine, these lobsters promise an exquisite culinary experience.

✨💪 Robust Hard Shell: Our lobsters boast a resilient hard shell, a mark of superior quality, ensuring that the lobster meat within is well-protected, succulent, and rich in flavor.

🎖️🍖 Firm & Sweet Meat: Indulge in the luscious, sweet meat found in our hard shell lobster's tail. It offers a firm, yet tender texture that promises to delight your palate with every bite.

💫✊ Generous Claws: Our lobsters are known for their impressively large claws, filled with substantial amounts of delectable meat. The bigger the lobster, the grander the claws!

Indulge in our premium Maine lobsters - a surefire way to elevate your dining experience to an unparalleled level of luxury and flavor! 🥂🦞

Professional Packaging

Since 1995, our founder has been packaging Live Lobster in Gloucester, MA to ship out of states.

Freshness Guaranteed

Wild-caught daily, directly from the fishermen’s boat. High-quality lobster will stay strong throughout the shipping. They will be in the best condition before cooking.

Overnight Shipping

We only ship live seafood via Overnight shipping service such as UPS Next Day Air. This helps keep the live seafood at its best condition.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Vinh Nguyen
The best lobsters and crabs, so fresh my family love it and big size!

Wow, can't beleive the quality of seafood I got from LobsterBox! I mean, the lobsters and crabs were just top-notch. Soo fresh, you can tell it right from the first bite.

We're all seafood lovers in my family and lemme tell ya, it ain't always easy to find good lobsters and crabs this size. But LobsterBox really came through! The size was really big, bigger than what we've got from other places before. Made our family dinner feel like a feast!

My family and I absolutely loved it. We all agreed, hands down, these were some of the best lobsters and crabs we've ever tasted. The freshness, the taste, the size – everything was just perfect.

Totally looking forward to ordering from LobsterBox again soon. They've definitely won us over, and we're excited to try out other seafood from them. Can't wait!

Liu Wei
Best lobsters I've had!

The lobsters from LobsterBox are top-notch! Loved the taste, freshness and the size was just right. Keep it up, LobsterBox!

Jennifer Davis
Lobsters from LobsterBox, can't beat 'em!

Love the lobsters from LobsterBox. The quality is always consistent and the convenience of ordering online is just the best.

Tran Van Binh
Tasted like the sea, in a good way

Was surprised by how fresh the lobsters were. The convenience of ordering online was a bonus. Will be a returning customer!

Zhang Wei
Can't stop ordering these lobsters!

Can't get enough of these lobsters. So delicious and fresh, feels like I'm eating at a seaside restaurant. Great job LobsterBox!

Appreciate the American Fishermen

Here at our base in Gloucester, MA. We always appreaciate the North Atlantic American fishermen who sail out to the coldest water for the best Lobsters. They bring back the best quality of lobster that we will ship to you.