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Lobsterbox - Local Ordering

Professional Lobsterbox Package Service (For Local Pickup only)

Professional Lobsterbox Package Service (For Local Pickup only)

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Package service is special service for customers at MA state who have demand to pick up lobsters to carry on the roadtrip, bring fresh seafood to other states or carry on it to another country.

✅ Frozen Ice Gel Pack: If you use regular ice, it will melt throughout the trip which could potentially spoil the lobsters (and create a soggy shipment). By using gel ice packs, you'll be able to keep your lobsters cool for the entire trip without the mess.

✅ Professional box for Lobsters: Specifically designed to prevent crushing during shipping, help keeping Lobsters organizing and staying live throughout the trip.

✅ Combo Package Service: 

  • Curtain coated flip top export boxes
  • Designed to maximize weight for air cargo containers/pallets
  • Ideal for shipping overseas 

Professional Packaging

Since 1995, our founder has been packaging Live Lobster in Gloucester, MA to ship out of states.

Freshness Guaranteed

Wild-caught daily, directly from the fishermen’s boat. High-quality lobster will stay strong throughout the shipping. They will be in the best condition before cooking.

Overnight Shipping

We only ship live seafood via Overnight shipping service such as UPS Next Day Air. This helps keep the live seafood at its best condition.

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Appreciate the American Fishermen

Here at our base in Gloucester, MA. We always appreaciate the North Atlantic American fishermen who sail out to the coldest water for the best Lobsters. They bring back the best quality of lobster that we will ship to you.