Spiny Lobster and Maine Lobster - Why are they different?

Spiny Lobster and Maine Lobster - Why are they different?

There are many types of lobsters. Each type has many different sizes so the price is also different accordingly. The important thing is that they have differences in the taste of lobster meat.

There are 2 popular kinds of lobsters: Spiny Lobsters and Maine Lobsters/ Canada Lobsters. Therefore, what do you think about the differences between Spiny Lobsters and Maine Lobsters/Canada Lobsters? Let LobsterBox show you some useful information about lobsters!

Different Features (Written)

Maine Lobster/ Canada Lobster Spiny Lobster
Origin - Maine lobsters live in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Because of their high value and nutrition, they are often sold fresh.
- They are preserved carefully before shipping.
- Spiny lobster is distributed mainly in tropical to subtropical seas such as Australia, Taiwan, China, Japan, Indonesia,...
- In Vietnam, spiny lobster is widely distributed in Khanh Hoa, Ninh Thuan, and Binh Thuan provinces.
Features of Species - The popular size of Maine lobsters is 1.5lbs-3lbs.
- Maine Lobsters stand out with 2 giant claws. It is considered the best part of the lobster. There are big and strong claws that are the best fighting weapon for them to survive in the vast ocean.
- Spiny lobsters have a smaller size than Alaska lobster but larger than baby lobster, blue lobster. The shell of this type of lobster is usually shiny and has a characteristic color of blue with green.
- The head and spines have orange spots. The part separating the dorsal shell from the ventral vertebrae has a horizontal row of black and dark brown.
Fishing Method
- Maine fishermen catch Maine lobsters by manual method to make sure the quality of lobster and keep them fresh,  alive before and during shipping. Because Lobster meat is best when it's alive.
- Most spiny lobsters are raised in cages. When they grow up, they will be harvested in the cage.
Taste - Many people like the taste of Maine Lobster. Maine Lobsters are considered to have better taste because of the colder living environment. The colder water makes Maine Lobsters tastier, not "fishy".
- Maine Lobsters have big claws whose meat is extremely sweet, juicy, and tender. This makes Maine Lobsters have extra 50% meat than clawless (Spiny) Lobsters with equivalent size.
- If you’re a fan of claw meat, Maine and Canadian lobsters will definitely be your favorites.
- The raw meat of spiny lobsters is white, crispy, sweet, and full of sea flavor. When cooked, it is as white as snow, chewy, and sweet.
- Their best part is the lumpy brick at the top of their head and the part of the egg that runs in a yellow stripe along the spine.
- Their brick has a fatty, fragrant, delicious, and frugal taste that is suitable for many people's taste.
Nutrition Value - Alaska lobster meat has high nutritional value because it contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are needed to maintain and help for healthy bones development and the nervous system. - Spiny Lobster meat is very firm, sweet, and extremely delicious with high nutritional value. They have an amount of omega 3 and calcium that are higher than some other types of lobster.

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